The misconception which has haunted philosophic literature throughout the centuries is the notion of 'independent existence.' There is no such mode of existence; every entity is to be understood in terms of the way it is interwoven with the rest of the universe.
~Alfred North Whitehead

Community Collaboration

The community collaboration group at the Cobb Institute seeks to convene, connect and catalyze initiatives where we have the opportunity to contribute significantly in the Tri-Cities area in ways that advance the cause of ecological civilization. We undertake projects to make long term improvements in the Tri-Cities community's quality of life; increase its resilience to systemic breakdown; and catalyze transformative change for the advancement of ecological civilization.

Our involvements fall into three broad groups in terms of the depth of engagement and scope of our leadership role:

Group 1: Projects we initiate and lead (convene, connect, catalyze).

Group 2: Projects others initiated where we seek to connect and catalyze, such as Pomona Reawakening.

Group 3: Projects where we collaborate to advance mission-aligned causes and build relationships.