The misconception which has haunted philosophic literature throughout the centuries is the notion of 'independent existence.' There is no such mode of existence; every entity is to be understood in terms of the way it is interwoven with the rest of the universe.
~Alfred North Whitehead

Promoting Heathy Communities

Promoting healthy communities encompasses our efforts in community collaboration and sustainable practices at the Cobb Institute. We seek to convene, connect and catalyze initiatives where we have the opportunity to contribute significantly in the Pomona Valley in ways that advance the cause of ecological civilization. We undertake projects to make long term improvements in Pomona Valley community's quality of life; increase its resilience to systemic breakdown; and catalyze transformative change for the advancement of ecological civilization.

Our Approach

Our approach is most concisely captured by the term "creative localization," which involves the following six dimensions:

  1. Energy: Generating power locally from renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydrogen, and where possible, using technology created and stored locally.
  2. Food: Growing food locally or regionally using regenerative agriculture techniques that work cooperatively with nature and the earth.
  3. Housing: Developing affordable housing in blended neighborhoods that encourage mutual support.
  4. Education: Engaging all individuals in a life-long process of discovery to contribute creatively and meaningfully to society with values rooted in humanity, community and ecology, and to live joyously in harmony with diversity.
  5. Culture: Developing a culture that values balance, sufficiency, human freedom and creative expression, rather than acquisition, consumption and servitude.
  6. Economics: Pursuing economic policies that maximize the happiness of all and the ecological sustainability of the planet.