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As part of the celebration of John Cobb's 95th birthday and the commemoration of our first anniversary on February 11, 2020, John Gingrich, the Institute's Board Chair, delivered the following statement.

On behalf of the Board and the Advisors of the Claremont Institute for Process Studies, I would like to express our appreciation for your presence here tonight for John’s 95th Birthday party. However, this is not the only birthday that our group is experiencing. Our Institute is about to mark our first birthday as a community of people who have been influenced by Process Thought, and especially by John Cobb. About 20 members of our Institute get together every Tuesday morning here at Pilgrim Place to learn about Process, and to plan activities related to the goals of our Mission Statement. By the way, you are welcome to join our meetings.

As we have evolved, however, we’ve come to recognize that perhaps the name of our group is not entirely appropriate to our work. Therefore, the Board and the Advisors have decided to change our name. From now on, we will be known as the Cobb Institute: A Community For Process and Practice. Obviously, we wanted to include John’s name, in honor of his decades of leadership in the Process Movement. We also are a Community of persons who are working together to learn about Process, and to actively Practice the implications of Process. Thus, the Cobb Institute: A Community For Process and Practice.

As a relatively young Institute, we intend to grow and become more active in various ways to address and influence local issues, as well as the major concerns facing our world – the ecological crisis being at the forefront. As the Cobb Institute evolves, we will need your help with our projects, and also with your financial support. You are able to donate through our website, and in the near future, through various other means that we will be sharing with you. Please keep the Cobb Institute in mind as you consider your benevolent giving.

When we came here, we came to celebrate John’s 95th Birthday as the founder and leader of the Claremont Institute for Process Studies. As you leave, join us, not only in celebrating his significant impact on our lives over the past decades, but now, as we carry his name into the future in our work, we hope that our efforts in helping to heal the world, live up to the high standard of his name and work. Thank You.