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As a “Community for Process and Practice” virtually everything the Cobb Institute does involves the creation of or collaboration with communities. Inspired by the vision of a world in which all things are interconnected, interdependent, and interbecoming, the notion of community is woven into the fabric of our identity. We are, as John Cobb likes to say, a community of communities that is drawn together by a common vision and a shared desire to bring about creative transformations that help build an ecological civilization.


Cohorts are typically small groups or micro-communities with a specific area of interest that involves engaging in some type of concrete activity. The central thread that binds each one together is a shared commitment to and participation in a particular type of “hands-on” exercise–e.g., gardening, painting, playing music, making photographs, writing poetry, etc. The purpose of cohorts is thus to provide a supportive environment for those who want to live out process ways of being by engaging in a shared form of behavior that fosters fulfillment and joy among its members and nurtures deep relationships between them.



Growing a Relational World Together

The eco-gardening cohort is open to all who are interested in gardens, whether in the backyard or the community, as well as urban farms, whether small or big. It provides a springboard for imaginative reflection in a process-relational mode, a resource for engaging in creative localization, and a network for connecting like-minded growers.


Promoting the Well-being of Others Through Music

Music in Process is a cohort of the Cobb Institute to promote well-being by sharing and listening to music. The cohort consists of individuals of all ages who help create just and compassionate communities by supporting one another's musical journeys.


Seeking Deeper Awareness Of and
Engagement With Inter-Becoming

Process Mindfulness is a cohort for those who want to explore further and dive deeper into the possibility seeing and living in a process-relational way. Together participants tell stories, share experiences, seek insights in a collaborative endeavor to mindfully practice an intentional and embodied awareness of process cosmology.

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