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Process mindfulness is a cohort for those who want to dive deeper into process thought to more fully see and live in a process-relational way. It provides a place for those who seek to be process mystics, adventurers, caretakers, and weavers of stories. It offers a space for coming together to share and learn how to experience our world through holistic modes of becoming. It pursues its aims through a mindful practice of intentional and embodied awareness of process cosmology.

Who We Are

Maybe we studied Whitehead, or maybe we are completely new to the idea of process-relational philosophy, but there is something in it that rings true to the way we experience the world. The question is often asked, “What is the point of process philosophy beyond study?” In this group, we explore the proposition that studying is just one among many modes of discovery. Our goal is to invite both wondering and wandering, both examining and adventuring, in order to see process-relational thought as a lived philosophy.

We are thus seekers of awareness and attunement. We are mystics looking for curious comrades. We are artists looking for inspiration. We are readers looking for experience. We are children of imagination and myth looking for a canvas to paint our stories. We are travelers walking each other home.

We hope to build friendships as we share stories, discover insights, and explore paths. We meet together once a month and interact via our online cohort space in between gatherings. Come! Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Breathe in beauty. Life is so endlessly delicious!

Let us wonder and wander and become together.

Process Mindfulness - pine trees sunlight

At dawn, when the light comes slanting through the pines, I wake to the sound of wind in the trees.

I lie still and listen, aware of the cool air on my skin, the smell of earth, the taste of salt on my lips.

I am here, in this moment, and all is well.

I take a deep breath, and let it out slowly. I am present, awake, alive.

I am grateful for this day, for this breath, for this life.

Source Unknown

Our Aims

The aim of the Process Mindfulness cohort is to provide a space for imaginative reflection in a process-relational mode, a resource for collaboratively engaging in creative awareness, and a network for connecting with like-minded seekers.

1. Provide a space for for creative reflection in a process-relational mode.

The focus here primarily involves activities of the mind (e.g., reflecting, imagining, thinking, discussing, etc.). So, this might include reading texts, poetry, viewing media or art, giving presentations, Somatic therapy, meditation, yoga, or having conversations with one another about topics that help broaden one's vision and deepen one's understanding about the way we exist together in a process-relational world.

2. Provide a resource for collaboratively engaging in creative awareness.

Our ambition here is to create a community where we can explore a deeper awareness of becoming. We will share our stories and find ways where we connect in our own lives and with each other. We will move together, be silent together, and share the unique ways that each of us intentionally brings more meaning into our lives through attunement with the relational world in process.

3. Provide a network for connecting like-minded seekers.

The aim here is to create, develop, and nurture relationships among the cohort participants, offering opportunities to interact with and learn from one another, and providing a way for participants to easily and regularly interact with one another outside of scheduled gatherings. Our online community platform is the primary means for fostering interactions among members and nourishing the network.

Meets on the second Saturday of each month at
9:00AM Pacific, beginning June 10, 2023.

Ready to walk mindfully with us?

Cohort Coordinator


Kathleen Reeves is the community relations specialist at the Cobb Institute, helps guide the Institute's efforts in spiritual exploration and the arts, and assists with a fundraising and social media. She's a writer, artist and published poet. She holds a Master of Divinity in interfaith theology, and is an ordained interfaith minister. She has been active in interfaith peace, and is a member of the Inland Valley Interfaith Working Group for Middle East Peace. She is the President of the Upland Interfaith Council, and has held leadership positions in Unitarian Universalists congregations.

Her community interfaith ministry led her to volunteer with Syrian refugees as they settled into their new country. Her deep connection with one special family is captured in her series of stories she wrote for the Huffington Post. She is a student of Japanese tea ceremony through the international Chado Urasenke Tankokai associations of the Urasenke school in Kyoto, Japan. Kathleen has also trained in Restorative Practice, and she follows an earth-based religion and belongs to The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids. She is continually working on ways to build a process-relational community through small group ministry.

Would you like to pursue a mindful path with us?

How to Join

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