Hosted by Jay McDaniel, Conversations in Process aims to understand and explore a process outlook on life, with its emphasis on inter-becoming; the intrinsic value of all life; the presence of fresh possibilities; and the need create communities that are creative, compassionate, diverse, inclusive, and participatory; humane to animals, and good for the earth, with no one left behind.

We also aim to learn from people that practice what we call the process way, even if they’re not especially interested in the process outlook. One of the practices of the process way is to listen; it’s to learn from people; it’s to be humble in the presence of others, and realize they may have wisdom we lack. So in these conversations we’ll be talking to some people who know a lot about the process outlook, and some who know very little, but who practice in ways that we want to learn from.

Christina Hutchins – Trust in Water: Process in a Poetic Mode

Christina Hutchins is an award-winning American poet, deeply influenced by the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead. What touches her about Whitehead’s philosophy is its attunement to the impermanence, beauty, fragility, and preciousness of life. The flowing of life, she says, is like the flow of water, supportive and beautiful, but not graspable. We can live with its beauty, albeit without clenching it tightly, but instead embracing in a spirit of tenderness. Amid this love-without-gripping there can be a trust in a deeper love, holding but not coercing, conceiving but not containing, addressed as God. In this interview Christina takes us into the depths and the range of longing and loss, mystery and love, gently inviting us, but only if we wish, to share in the journey.

Oluwatomisin Oredein – Care in the Right Direction

Oluwatomisin Oredein is a leading voice in cross-cultural theopoetics. An American of Nigerian origins, she visits with Jay McDaniel about the powerful influence of the Spirit in the Black American church as well as movements like Black Lives Matter; about the role music and poetry play in her own journey of faith; about her heartfelt discouragement over the prevalence of those who care in the wrong direction and prophetic hope for an increase in those who care in the right direction; and about the value of process theology and theopoetics, but also the limits of such movements because they have been dominated by white voices and disembodied habits of thought.

John B. Cobb, Jr. – A Journey of Faith in Process

No, the Bible is not an infallible book of rules; but, yes, it can guide a life. No, God is not an all-controlling power; but, yes, God is a companion to the world’s joys and sufferings, and an indwelling lure to radical love. No, Jesus is not a man to be worshipped as an infallible deity; but, yes, he is a savior for the world, in whose compassionate way of living we can share, and who appeared after his death to his disciples, giving hope for all. These are among the ideas we hear from John B. Cobb, an American theologian, philosopher, and environmentalist, known as the preeminent proponent of process philosophy and theology. In this Conversation in Process, John Cobb, age 95, shares his journey in faith with Jay McDaniel and, along the way, reveals a poignant life in process.

Conversations in Process is a co-production of Open Horizons the Cobb Institute.