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The rhythmic dance of seasons mirrors the cadence of our lives, a perpetual cycle of growth, transition, and introspection. Ice melts revealing potential. Seeds wake and rise. Spring arrives with the promise of new beginnings, blossoms unfurling like opportunities that beckon us forward. Likewise summer, fall, and winter each unfold in their unique ways to reveal cyclical and relational nature of life. The seasons, like the chapters of a novel, narrate the ever-shifting tale of our world, each phase contributing to the rich tapestry of our collective journey.

Seasons: Spring 2024

By Kathleen Reeves | March 11, 2024

Step into the enchanting world of Seasons, a creative quarterly that embraces the transformative power of change in all its forms. Dive into the stories of our first issue to explore the intricate dance of shifting seasons in our lives, from personal growth and evolution to the urgent changes needed for our planet’s sustainability. Through thought-provoking art, personal essays, and mesmerizing poetry, Seasons captures the heart of metamorphosis and the beauty it unveils. Immerse yourself in the rich symbolism of mythopoetics as we unravel an ancient Welsh tale that illuminates the essence of change. Join us on an adventure through narratives that inspire action, reflection, and a profound connection to the rhythms of our world. Embrace the change with Seasons, where every transition is a journey of discovery.

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