Process in Praxis offers insights, reflections, and stories about the many different ways that people can live out process-relational perspectives. We hope readers will find inspiration in learning about the wide variety of novel and creative ways that process thought can be expressed.

Process Mindfulness: Listen. Notice. Be Aware. Feel. Be Mindful.

By Kathleen Reeves | May 24, 2023

It all began with a walk. In this piece Kat Reeves describes the moment a shift in awareness occurred, and she began to feel part of the process-relational world rather than just reading about it as a philosophy. That moment is still affecting her possibilities many years later as she helps launch a new cohort at the Cobb Institute—Process Mindfulness. Could you be affected too? We invite you to find out.

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Hope & New Life: A Pagan and a Christian in Conversation About Easter and Ostara

By Kathleen Reeves | April 3, 2023

In this piece we observe a conversation between a Pagan and a Christian about the meaning of their respective spring holidays and the theological significance for them. They are both influenced by process and relational thinking, and that approach has allowed their friendship to flourish in wonder and exploration. There are many lessons to be learned here but, most importantly, that a process-relational approach to friendship has many layers.

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Remembering David Ray Griffin

By John Cobb | February 1, 2023

One way to reflect about a person’s contribution is to imagine what the world would be like now if she or he had not been part of it. In this post, John Cobb uses that method with David Griffin. He frames his reflections around two speculations: one, there would now be no substantial movement seeking truth about what happened on September 11, 2001; two, there would be only fragmentary and scattered interest in Whitehead and the implications of his thought outside the church.

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Novel Becomings features the creative process of artists of all kinds, such as painters, poets, calligraphers, musicians, weavers, architects, and landscape artists. Each essay shares a story about the inspiration, the emergence, and the becoming of an artist's novel creation.

Clouds and Movement

By Kathleen Reeves | March 23, 2023

Some artists can make you feel the wind on your face and the sound of the leaves as they dance. Lesley Haflich is one such artist. She paints mostly natural settings that seem to come to life. They breathe and flow. Lesley worked as a commercial artist for most of her career. One day, with encouragement from her husband, she began to paint the beauty she saw in her part of the world. We invite you to appreciate the moving beauty in Lesley’s paintings.

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Tremors and Trees

By Kathleen Reeves | January 16, 2023

Artist Georgette Unis seems to conjure trees and horizons onto her canvas. Only someone who is in relationship with the natural processes of land can partner with them and assist in their becomings. Nothing is painted in isolation from the world, because the artist understands the effects of sky, air and weather and she captures that and brings us into the relationship as well.

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The Geometry Of Creativity

By Kathleen Reeves | December 15, 2022

Kurt Wenner is an American artist living in Italy, most known for inventing 3D Interactive Pavement Art. This art form uses a hyperbolic anamorphic illusion that transforms a pastel drawing on the pavement into a 3-dimensional illusion. Wenner’s images often appear in textbooks to illustrate mathematical principles, perception, perspective, or other arts and science-related topics.

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