Process in Praxis offers insights, reflections, and stories about the many different ways that people can live out process-relational perspectives. We hope readers will find inspiration in learning about the wide variety of novel and creative ways that process thought can be expressed.

The Case For Being Nobody

By Andre van Zijl | February 23, 2024

At the Cobb Institute Andre van Zijl is somebody. He is our Visual Arts Laureate and a regular attendee at many of the gatherings. But what Andre desires most of all is to be “nobody.” Inspired by the teachings of Ramakrishna, the 19th-century mystic and spiritual teacher, Andre has strived for ego transcendence and spiritual humility. By recognizing the transient nature of the self and surrendering personal desires and attachments, one can attain a state of egolessness where the boundaries between oneself and the universe blur, leading to a profound sense of oneness with all existence. This is not attained without struggle and suffering. Here Andre shares his story of his journey through the dark night of the soul and the lessons learned from the other side of ego.

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The Hopes and Fears of All the Years: Singing the Carols of Christmas

By Bruce Epperly | December 1, 2023

As we raise our voices in song, the sentiments carried by each lyric become threads weaving a tapestry of shared reverence and celebration. The hymns we sing, even if they are not always “theologically correct,” represent embodied theology and spirituality. In the warmth of familiar melodies, we find a sanctuary where sentiment and devotion harmonize, offering a profound connection to the divine. These songs, though they may not always adhere strictly to theological norms, become vessels for our collective spirituality, allowing us to express and experience the ineffable beauty of the Christmas story. We invite you to join Bruce Epperly as he considers the impact of music during this holiday season.

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Healing Epiphanies of Harmony

By Thomas Atwood | October 20, 2023

Like many troubadours and jesters through the years, Thomas Atwood is a singer. In Whiteheadian terms, every musical experience he had was a prehension of healing, and Thomas needed a ton of lessons about healing. Spiritual teachers have said that if you learn enough about any field of knowledge with sufficient complexity, sublime mystical experiences can be invited to enter the soul. For those with a gift for receptiveness, the invitation is more easily accepted. Abilities, life experiences, and the worldviews they construct will expand or contract the possibilities. We invite you to enjoy this story about healing and music.

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Novel Becomings features the creative process of artists of all kinds, such as painters, poets, calligraphers, musicians, weavers, architects, and landscape artists. Each essay shares a story about the inspiration, the emergence, and the becoming of an artist's novel creation.

Writing with the Poet of the Universe: Brief Reflections on Writing in the Process Spirit

By Bruce Epperly | April 1, 2024

God is the poet of the world, and inspiration flows from diverse sources and experiences. Sometimes, it arises from the simplest moments—a fleeting glance, a whispered conversation, or the rustle of leaves in the wind. Other times, it emerges from the depths of introspection, intense study, or profound challenges. Bruce Epperly, one of most prolific writers in the process tradition, shares his creative process. The poet of the universe needs companions to create and further God’s aim at beauty, truth, and goodness. Divine creativity is working in and through you to energize and inspire your gifts to respond to the world’s needs and do something beautiful for God.

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Forms of Feeling and Forms of Meaning

By Elvi Bjorkquist | January 2, 2024

With abstract art, the connection between art and feeling is intricately woven through the deliberate manipulation of visual elements such as color, form, and texture. In artist Elvi Bjorkquist’s paintings, we experience forms of feeling and forms of meaning that are freed from the constraints of literal representation. Her expressive use of color palettes, dynamic compositions, and gestural brushwork serves as a visceral conduit for the artist’s emotions, enabling a direct and intuitive communication of mood, energy, and sentiment. We invite you engage with Elvi’s artwork on a subjective level, interpreting and experiencing your own emotions in response to the abstract forms and expressions.

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The Artistic Beauty of Cooking: A Process-Relational Worldview

By Jennifer Zechlin | November 6, 2023

Cooking is an intricate and dynamic event that embodies the interconnectedness of all things. Each culinary process, from ingredient selection to preparation and consumption, is a series of interrelated events in which the “process” of cooking is a fundamental concept. Ingredients evolve and interact, engaging in a dance of transformations, as they shift from raw to cooked, solid to liquid, and separate to blended states. Jennifer Zechlin is an excellent cook and she shares her process approach to cooking in this month’s Novel Becomings.

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