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Learning Circles

A Study Group Exploring a Process Worldview For Newcomers

In this learning circle we will read and discuss various essays on important themes in process thought. Topics will include the interconnectedness and relational nature of the universe, the idea that nature is alive and has value for itself, and process and beauty.

A Collective Processing of Gilles Deleuze’s Masterpiece

The goal of this learning circle is to collectively process the rich themes within the within Gilles Deleuze's seminal work, occasionally identify resonances with the larger process tradition, and foster insightful discussions along the way.

A Discussion Group Contemplating the
Vision of Teilhard de Chardin

Facilitated by Dr. Ernie Tamminga, this discussion group will carefully consider the vision of the human evolutionary future as seen by the French Jesuit and paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

A Discussion Group About Books That Foster An Integral Spirituality

Process & Coffee is about spiritual integration and exploration. We meet weekly to dive into books by mystics and sages. The discussion that follows helps to deepen our own spiritual lives.

Exploring, Sharing, and Practicing Buddhist Process-Relational Thought

In this learning circle we will compare, contrast, explore, and play out resonances between Buddhism and process thought, with a special focus on Nāgārjuna’s Madhyamaka and Whitehead’s philosophy of organism.

A Book Group Exploring the Variety of Religious Traditions

Readings on Faiths Around the World is a book group that meets twice a month to read and discuss texts that deal with the vast diversity of world faiths, those that have had a very large influence for many centuries as well as those that may be newer and less well-known. The only prerequisite for this group is a desire to learn about the wide variety of religion expressions.

Past Learning Circles (No Longer Active)

A Discussion Group Exploring Buddhism Through the Lens of Process Thought

This three-week learning circle, facilitated by Jay McDaniel, explores how people might learn from Buddhism with help from process philosophy and theology. The circle is open to anyone who has an interest in Buddhism and process thought.

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Encountering Whitehead’s Magnum Opus for First-Timers

Designed for beginners, this learning circle will involve a close reading of Whitehead’s seminal work, discussing passages together in-depth as we work our way through the text.

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A Discussion Group Considering the
Connections Between Islam and
the Core Values of Process & Faith

Facilitated by Jared Morningstar, and co-sponsored by the Cobb Institute and Process & Faith, this six-session learning circle will examine the religion of Islam and its resonance with the core values of Process & Faith: Whole Persons, Whole Communities, Whole Planet, and Holistic Thinking.

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Exploring Process Philosophy From a Feminine Perspective

Women in process provides a space for women who want to explore their "becomings" and "possibilities." The group meets on the third Thursday of each month.

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A Discussion Group Pursuing the Possibility of an Ecological Civilization

In this book and discussion group, we meet monthly to read, discuss, and learn together about what needs to be done and what we can do for our common home.

Beauty and the Spirit - featured image

Four Sessions Exploring John O'Donohue's Concept of Beauty

Join a group of clergy as we explore how John O'Donohue's idea of Beauty can serving as portal to the Spirit and provide meaning in everyday life.

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Four Sessions Exploring Whitehead's Concepts of Peace & God

Facilitated by Jay McDaniel, a group of clergy explored how Whitehead’s ideas can meet us in our own religious traditions and become fertile ground for theological reflection and pastoral ministry.

Process of Opening the Mind

Exploring the Possibilities of Psychedelics From Multiple Approaches

In this discussion group, we explore psychedelics from a variety of vantage points. We will have guest speakers on the political, philosophical, spiritual, clinical, medicinal, experiential, and sociological uses of psychedelics. Meets on the second Thursday of each month.

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Four Sessions Introducing Basic Concepts and Practices in Zen Buddhism

Dr. Jay McDaniel introduced participants to some basic concepts and practices in Buddhism as approached in a Zen way: the primary of the present moment, the problem of cloning, the value of letting go; the limitations of verbal discourse; spontaneity of the here-and-now; the wisdom of no-self, the universality of impermanence, the illusion of isolated existence; the ultimacy of inter-becoming; mindfulness, reincarnation, and in Mahayana Buddhism, the promise to be reborn again and again until all living beings can be saved. Along the way, Dr. McDaniel discussed connections between those ideas and ideas in process philosophy, thus introducing a Buddhist process philosophy.