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Our experiences and relationships are the building blocks of our lives. Indeed, all living beings are composed of their experiences and relationships; even the energy within the depths of matter is a kind of experience, a kind of feeling. Among these creative interactions are pivotal moments that have the potential to make a profound difference.




The process way of living focuses on moments of experiential interaction between individuals, communities, and ecosystems. It emphasizes an appreciation of the beauty and poignancy of life and our capacities to change the world for the good, for love and justice, in service to the creation of compassionate communities and ecological civilization.

Our Beloved Friend John Gingrich

Dr. Reverend John Gingrich passed away on Monday, December 7th, moving forward into the next phase of his journey. We miss him very much. He served as the Cobb Institute’s first Chairperson, and looked over many of us as an anxious but loving parent watching his children start a new adventure—the Claremont Institute for Process Studies, and then creatively advancing even further—the Cobb Institute: A Community for Process and Practice. He guided us in our first steps, offering us calm presence, practical advice, humor, and quiet, thoughtful wisdom. He presided over our board meetings with a gentleness and kindness we so admired, pulling and pushing us into a cohesive whole so that we could accomplish many projects and enjoy the journey along the way.

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“If we want a society in which the sense of belonging is strong, people are concerned for one another, and there is strong commitment to the common good, we need a metaphysics that shows that we are in fact part of larger societies and have no existence apart from our relations to others.” -John Cobb

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