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Each Tuesday at 10:00am PST the Cobb Institute community gathers to hear presentations from prominent speakers across a wide variety of fields, all of whom align with the vision of the Institute in one way or another. These gatherings are also a time for lively discussion between community members and the presenter(s), with space for Q&A following the presentation.

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Here are some highlights from the past two years to provide a snapshot of the various topics and themes which have been explored. Visit our YouTube channel to view a small sample of the presentations that we have enjoyed. To access our archive of Cobb & Friends recordings, visit the meeting recordings page.

Bob Mesle
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Jeremy Lent Headshot
Catherine Keller

Robert Mesle

Interview with Jay McDaniel


Love Beyond Belief

Jeremy Lent

The Web of Meaning: An Integration of Modern Science with Traditional Wisdom

Catherine Keller

Facing Apocalypse: Climate, Democracy, and Other Last Chances

Rebecca Parker
Fahran Shah

Helena Norberg-Hodge

World Loyalty as Local Loyalty: Localization and the Economics of Happiness

David Ray Griffin

Reinhold Niebuhr and the Question of Global Democracy

Rebecca Parker

Why play the cello in a suffering, unjust world?

Farhan Shah

Islamic Process Theology

Christine Loh

Jon Gill

Process, Hip Hop, and Afro-Futurism

Sheri Kling

Dreaming Together: On Whitehead & Jung

Matt Segall

Thinking Cosmologically in an Ecological Civilization

Christine Loh

Asia's Climate Optimism: Toward Carbon Neutrality

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Thomas Jay Oord - 1280x1280
Mirian Vilela Photo 2019-bw
Brad Artson

Sofia Said

On Being Muslim in America

Thomas Jay Oord

Open and Relational Theology

Mirian Vilela

Earth Charter’s Gifts for the Planet

Bradley Shavit Artson

Revelation and Creativity

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