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Process and the Japanese Practice of Reflection

By Kathleen Reeves | November 15, 2021

What did I receive from others today? What did I give to others today? What difficulties did I cause others today? The practice of Naikan reflection invites us to carefully consider these three questions.

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Newsletter Fall 2021

By Kathleen Reeves | October 25, 2021

At the Cobb Institute it’s time to look at the possibilities and “Dream Bigger.” In this issue we reflect on the changing seasons, and then consider what’s possible with ambition. Come Dream Big with us!

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I Watched With Wonder: An Amateur Astronomer Reflects on the Spiritual Significance of the Universe

By Ezra Wilson | October 15, 2021

What we call God, is not some abstract entity watching us from afar. He – or she – is inside of us, all the way down to the subatomic particles that make up every cell of our bodies. God is as much a part of us as we are a part of God. Together we make up all that exists.

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Teilhard & Whitehead

By John Cobb | September 1, 2021

In this piece, John Cobb responds to the following question: Are there aspects of Teilhard’s theology that you regard as superior to Whitehead’s?

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A Hoʻoponopono Process for an Interconnected World: Healing the Past

By Kathleen Reeves | July 15, 2021

If you wish to cleanse the world, cleanse yourself first. If you wish to cleanse the world by fire, then know that this fire can, must, and will work in and through you as well.

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Newsletter July 2021

By Kathleen Reeves | July 1, 2021

Ever since I joined the Cobb Institute, I felt like I gained an instant family. That is exactly how we want it at the Cobb Institute. Our theme for July is “Building Community.” In this newsletter you will find thoughts and poems about what it means to be connected with others.

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The Process Approach to Gardening

By Stephen Yorba | June 15, 2021

What does it mean to be a process farmer? According to the Reverend Farmer Stephen Yorba, it’s about understanding our place in an ecosystem. It’s about remembering our relationship to the earth. It’s about being brought into right alignment with our food. It’s about slowing down, paying attention, and understanding how we’re all interconnected.

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Newsletter June 2021

By Kathleen Reeves | June 2, 2021

What does the Cobb Institute mean to you? For me it means community. It is also a place where I can learn how to contribute to an ecological civilization. I think the time is right for us to make an impact. I put my hand in yours, so that together we can do what I cannot do alone. In this issue, we celebrate our community while planning for the future.

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An Inviting Stream

By Terry Goddard | May 18, 2021

The Cobb Institute promotes a process-relational way of understanding and living in the world. One area in which the Institute’s openness and relationality is most evident is in its support of and work with the many streams of religious faith. This essay is but one example of our engagement with the world’s many traditions.

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Newsletter May 2021

By Kathleen Reeves | May 4, 2021

Through stories, we share passions, fears, sadness, hardships, and joys, and we find common ground with other people. Stories can be universal, conveying meaning and purpose that help us understand ourselves better and find commonality with others. The process family has stories to tell. We hope you enjoy the ones included here.

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Process Awareness

By Kathleen Reeves | April 15, 2021

We often talk about putting process in praxis, and try to explain what that would look like. Can process philosophy be a practice? How do you practice process? Increasingly I have come to understand process not so much as things to do, but, rather, as an awareness. Process philosophy is not just a field of study or a theological approach. It is about seeing the world in a process way.

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Newsletter – April 2021

By Kathleen Reeves | April 2, 2021

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection. At the Cobb Institute it provides an opportunity to reflect on our commitment to bring about an ecological civilization.

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