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Process Awareness

By Kathleen Reeves | April 15, 2021

We often talk about putting process in praxis, and try to explain what that would look like. Can process philosophy be a practice? How do you practice process? Increasingly I have come to understand process not so much as things to do, but, rather, as an awareness. Process philosophy is not just a field of study or a theological approach. It is about seeing the world in a process way.

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Newsletter – April 2021

By Kathleen Reeves | April 2, 2021

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection. At the Cobb Institute it provides an opportunity to reflect on our commitment to bring about an ecological civilization.

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Planting Seeds

By Stephen Yorba | March 15, 2021

While modern, industrial farming has segregated itself from indigenous farming practices, urban communities, family, and spirituality, process farming pursues a holistic worldview, connecting the intuitions of revitalization, biology, horticulture, agriculture, permaculture, community, and spirituality.

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Newsletter – March 2021

By Kathleen Reeves | March 2, 2021

In March 2019, the seeds were planted. In 2020, the seedlings sprouted. In 2021, the Cobb Institute is starting to bloom. We are grateful for the growth, and for all the volunteers who make it happen with their time, patience, and nurturing.

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To Love More

By Andre van Zijl | February 15, 2021

Love! How to know what it is? What kind of LOVE do we speak of when we use the word LOVE? Is it a feeling, a presence, a noun, a verb? Can it be drawn out from its dark cave of unknowability by the deliberate poverty of the pure soul, and romanced into the bright glare of noon, for all to see?

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Newsletter – February 2021

By Kathleen Reeves | February 1, 2021

In this month’s newsletter, we explore theme of love from a process-relational perspective. We believe that if everyone fully understood and embraced the idea that we are interconnected, we would seek the well-being of others, and act in ways that are more loving and compassionate.

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Process in Praxis

By Kathleen Reeves | January 19, 2021

The practice of a process philosophy in daily life has been the topic of many discussions within the Cobb Institute. What better way to focus on putting process in praxis than to explore it through a blog? We hope to include many voices on this topic over time.

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Newsletter – January 2021

By Kathleen Reeves | January 3, 2021

January brings chilly nights and more opportunity to slow down and simplify. During this time of hunkering down, we invite you to create home adventures and reflect with us on the simple things that really matter like finding community in different ways.

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